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GRIN Membership

GRIN is a trusted community resource for innovation that will add to a broader geographic greater good and economic growth and prosperity. It is a resource center with ideas, books, web site suggestions, and other information to assist people with their creative endeavors. GRIN boasts many members that are inventors, some with patented products and some without. Also the group has professional members, marketers, business owners, and consultants, as well as others with individual skills to help take an idea to the marketplace.

GRIN Membership Benefits

  • 12 networking meeting ($120 value)
  • Access to receive a Product Review
  • GRIN Networking list / Shared Folder
  • One Free consulting meeting with Dan Girdwood a patent Attorney.

Membership is only $50 per year.  All the money raised will be used for the greater good of the community by helping advance ideas into a business ventures. We welcome inventors of all ages and experience levels. Your first meeting is free. Come attend our meeting and find out how we can help you with both your invention idea and with the steps to success as an inventor.


GRIN Product Review

GRIN offers a product review session, where members, in a confidential setting, give a 5 minute 'elevator talk' about their invention and then get 10 minutes of feedback from board members and other professionals. These professionals have experience and expertise in product development, marketing, manufacturing, legal options, and as entrepreneurs. Understand that 15 minutes is not enough time. But, the feedback is unbiased, frank, and “brutally honest”.  Requirements are that you be a GRIN member and pay a $20 fee for the Product Review. Contact us for more information if you are interested.

Product Review Preparation




Invention/Biz Checklist

GRIN Networking Survey